In 2018 HAART published a new resource for anyone who wants to raise awareness on human trafficking in grassroots communities. The Human Trafficking Grassroots Awareness: Facilitation and Mobilization Tool-Kit is specifically designed for the context of Kenya, but it is possible that there are things that can be used in other contexts. This page is an accompaniment to the tool-kit and has all the necessary forms, videos, pictures and much more that can be used to successfully conduct a grassroots awareness workshop as a prevention measure.

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Forms and templates

To the right you will find links to be able to download examples of various forms and templates that can be used for workshops. These are meant as examples, if you or your organization want to conduct workshop you may want to develop similar documents.


To the right you will find links to be able to download various videos that can be used for workshops.

The Promise (2.43)

Point of view video depicting child domestic servitude.

Deceived (3.54)

Point of view video depicting a woman trafficked from Kenya to a Middle Eastern country.

A Dangerous Journey (6.32)

Animation film depicting the dangers of being coerced and tricked into prostitution by traffickers who use scare tactics. Film developed by Animage Films.

Survivor stories

Amani (4.18)
Almasie (5.32)
Sophie (5.13)
Mary (3.05)

Short videos of survivors of human trafficking telling their stories

Please note that except for the video “A Dangerous Journey” which is owned by Animage Films, the copyright to all videos available on this page are owned by Awareness Against Human Trafficking (HAART). The videos may be used be downloaded and used for screening in the context of public awareness. The videos may not be used for any commercial usage as a part of another video or altered in any way without express permission.