Photo by Rehema Baya

The decisions we make in life are sometimes not good but when we have people around us who are there to help us out to figure the right and the wrong, we will always emerge winners and successful.

The life we live is full of pain, sorrows and tears but it also has happiness and joyful moments. The latter is what people chase including me.

HAART is a home that has taught young girls to be LIONS! To roar and show the world that THEY CAN and THEY WILL! It has taught us our rights and how to stand and defend those rights.

We girls are the ones to be the Presidents of tomorrow!

The barristers to stand and defend the rights of children in our nation.

The ones to come up with ideas to of how to help the needy in the society and so may it be that we all chase our goals. For the good news is that we have the power to conquer the world.

We can make it up for the lost time if we only don’t allow our past to torment our bright future.

Whoever tries to judge us, the best advise for them is that they should try to walk down the road we have travelled and feel the pain, sorrows, tears and see if they will still have the nerves to judge us.


By Nice

Nice is a 15-year-old girl from Embakasi constituency in Nairobi County. She is currently in form 3 and has been at HAART’s shelter for a year now. Nice is not her real name. It has been used as a pseudonym to protect her identity. Her passion in reading and writing is unparalleled and she has dreams of becoming a renowned author in future. She also enjoys dancing and is a big fan of watching inspirational movies.
Survivor Voices is a new feature of HAARTstories that allow survivors of human trafficking an avenue for expressing themselves. This piece is for the author to express herself about whichever subject she chose and any opinions or views expressed belong to Nice and does not necessarily reflect those of HAART.