Photo by Rehema Baya

They see my Disability, I see my Ability!

They call me disabled; I call myself differently Abled!

There are some incidents that happen in our life. Those incidents break us, deform us, discourage us and they turn us into the best versions we can ever be.

One day I asked myself, WHY ME?

Why I’m I even alive?

As I was walking along the road, someone said,” I know God has a plan for you. I don’t know what it is but He surely has”. That’s when I realized that words have the power to heal a soul.

We all have FEARS.

Fear of the unknown, fear of losing people, health, money and we all want to succeed in our career. But we are afraid all the time.

Fear has two MEANINGS;

– Forget– Face
– Everything– Everything
– And– And
– Run– Rise


The choice is YOURS.

People think in the world of perfect people we imperfect will not be accepted but we are all wrong because this world accepts everyone.

Sometimes losing our beloved ones is a blessing in disguise so we should cherish their absence.


Through the heart Kenya, we have learned to leave our past behind and focus on our future because we are not prisoners of our past but we are pioneers of our future and CHANGING IS POSSIBLE.

Composed by;

Pekistar (Peki)

Pekistar is a 19 years old girl and a survivor of human trafficking. She is a mother of a little boy and is currently in form 1. Pekister is not her real name. It has been used as a pseudonym to protect her identity. She was reintegrated back to her family with her child but still reports back to the shelter from school before going home for holidays. She also studies with her child in the same school. Pekistar is an excellent academic performer and has been showing great determination to achieve her dream of becoming a lawyer. She is a talented poet and a motivational speaker among her peers. She is also a good singer and loves reading.
Survivor Voices is a new feature of HAARTstories that allow survivors of human trafficking an avenue for expressing themselves. This piece is for the author to express herself about whichever subject she chose and any opinions or views expressed belong to Nice and does not necessarily reflect those of HAART.