Photo by Rehema Baya

A home like no other, where you get to realize your inner strength!
Where you find the peace of mind, you get what you want!
Where you get to understand your rights and set your eyes on the prize!
A woman of substance you become, A heroine you become!

A great lion, prepared to roar around the world!
Armed with positive attitude, strong enough to trample over the evil!
Identifying yourself with great legends like Wangari Maathai!
A woman of substance you become, A heroine you become!

As the rising sun in the morning, we have been awoken!
Our hearts are in a merry, just like the evening star Venus!
The fresh air around makes you want to fly like a bird!
To spread the news of freshness around the world!

Healthy and delicious meals make you stronger every day!
Wow! The smiles around are priceless!
For the games makes you fit and enhance cohesion amongst us!
The beauty of shelter is like no other!

Justice is our shield and defender!
The founder and the steering committee are great people!
Their hearts are like golden pots, never to be easily broken!
Above all, shelter is wow! It is where all pain is wiped away!

We are in a journey to prosperity!
We have found a home to stay and feel merry!
We see our future, we are barristers and neurosurgeon!

Composed by

Nice is a 15-year-old girl from Embakasi constituency in Nairobi County. She is currently in form 3 and has been at HAART’s shelter for a year now. Nice is not her real name. It has been used as a pseudonym to protect her identity. Her passion in reading and writing is unparalleled and she has dreams of becoming a renowned author in future. She also enjoys dancing and is a big fan of watching inspirational movies.
Survivor Voices is a new feature of HAARTstories that allow survivors of human trafficking an avenue for expressing themselves. This piece is for the author to express herself about whichever subject she chose and any opinions or views expressed belong to Nice and does not necessarily reflect those of HAART.