Photo by Rehema Baya

Corruption is dishonesty and illegal behavior by people in position of power. It is one of the problems facing Kenya, everywhere people are shady even young children e.g. cheating in school, in so many careers and ideas you find corrupt people, you wonder how people are corrupt in ideas? I will tell you, people do sell lands that don’t belong to them. Sleaze has become like an economic activity in Kenya.

Just to start with the police officers in Kenya, they are so ironical in their behavior in the fact that they are supposed to stop corruption and yet they themselves are crooked e.g. putting innocent people in jail and taking bribes. They make it hectic for Kenyans to live in a good generation, for they just build a bad foundation for the youngsters after them.
In schools, a lot of corruption goes on where a teacher accepts a bribe to admit a child. It’s also ironical since the teacher should be the one teaching the child to be a good person in future. But alas the child is just going to follow and bribery will just never seize or seems to in Kenya.

In so many other outside countries where there is no vice, we ourselves Kenyans have witnessed the rich development that they acquire & how they live in synchronization and tranquility. They don’t squabble or wallop on each other all because they lack the heart of not equalizing people.

In Kenya, there has always been struggle right even before independence in 1964, but now that it has gained its independence, it is more outrageous to be in Kenya and yet we can’t stay in tranquility because the main problem is corruption.
Currently corruption has become everything in politics, schools, and hospitals, airports, in land distribution & even in games. Oh corruption will finish Kenyans, only if we can just stand & not take corruption as a reason to live then the world will be a better place for all Kenyans.

To make matters worse, young innocent brood are no longer innocent, all because corruption has become their roots, they are born in corruption era and so they grow believing that is there to be followed, they think that it’s a right to corrupt. Oh lets change Kenyans.

I stand to do what I can, you also can bring this to a halt, stand for the right. Join me in this expedition, corruption must be stopped & our rights we must be acquainted with.

By Nice

Nice is a 15-year-old girl from Embakasi constituency in Nairobi County. She is currently in form 3 and has been at HAART’s shelter for a year now. Nice is not her real name. It has been used as a pseudonym to protect her identity. Her passion in reading and writing is unparalleled and she has dreams of becoming a renowned author in future. She also enjoys dancing and is a big fan of watching inspirational movies.
Survivor Voices is a new feature of HAARTstories that allow survivors of human trafficking an avenue for expressing themselves. This piece is for the author to express herself about whichever subject she chose and any opinions or views expressed belong to Nice and does not necessarily reflect those of HAART.