HAART believes in using a multi-displinary approach in addressing the issue of human trafficking. This can only be done through partnership with different stakeholders to ensure that we have a comprehensive approach. The organization relies on partnerships to implement all its programs in the community, nationally, regionally and globally. HAART uses these partnerships to advocate for better policies for eradicating human trafficking.

What we do

HAART works from the grassroots, to the national level and all the way to a global network with partners all over the world.

Local Grassroots Networks

HAART is dependent on its grassroots network to implement activities in the communities. Our large database of grassroots mobilisers and volunteers act as community ambassadors that are a resource for their communities. They are responsible for grassroots awareness, referral of cases and continual advocacy of changes in their communities on the issue of human trafficking.

Stop the Traffik – Kenya

HAART is a co-founder of STTK which is a counter-trafficking network that brings together civil society, private sector and individuals to address the issue of human trafficking at a national level. The network strives to bring together these stakeholders to fight human trafficking in Kenya and create a community of people interested to address this issue.

Regional and Global Partnerships

HAART partners with organizations in the region and across the globe in different initiatives for the purpose of peer to peer learning, development of best practices in the movement and advocacy for better policies. The transnational nature of human trafficking requires that we develop these partnerships in order to be able to especially serve all the survivors that we take care of.