The shelter is a home where young girls are provided with a roof over their heads, protection, counseling services, food, education, medical care and many other necessities. The shelter has many rooms for accommodation which include a sitting room where we watch motivational movies, news and also for holding family meetings. There is a kitchen where our food is prepared each day and not forgetting the different bedrooms which have comfortable beds to sleep.

In the shelter we have five staff members who help the smooth running of life at the shelter. They include our Aunts (names cannot be provided for security reasons) who are like mothers to us, taking good care of us and also not forgetting about helping us in our studies. Two of our aunts prepare our meals and serve us every day. Not forgetting our gate woman who guides the gate during the day.

Another Aunt who follows up with all the activities going on and making sure that everything runs smoothly. Our therapist who carries on in the guidance and counseling session is also very important to us.

In conclusion the shelter is a place where a young child can achieve the goals they desire in life, thus offering a good welcome to people with physical problems.

By a Victim at HAART’s Shelter