This month we would like to acknowledge His Holiness Pope Francis for his support to HAART depicted in a letter addressed to the Director of HAART. We are grateful for recognizing the work that HAART is doing in Kenya and East Africa in combating human trafficking. Although HAART is non-religious we are grateful for the partnership with many Catholic institutions and we certainly recognize the impact of the Vatican and Pope Francis in fighting human trafficking. HAART is dedicated to fight until human trafficking is eradicated especially in Kenya and East Africa and to see to it that the victims are no longer victims but survivors living an empowered life.  Thank you again to His Holiness Pope Francis for offering prayers for HAART, its supporters and the beneficiaries.

We would like to also welcome His Holiness Pope Francis to Kenya this month from the 25th to the 27th. May you enjoy your visit to Kenya. We wish you safety and fulfillment in your endeavors through this time.

In the letter Pope Francis mentions a campaign that we are starting online to raise funds to build a rescue center for victims of human trafficking. Read more about the campaign on

Read the letter by clicking on the picture below.


By Phyllis Mburu