HAART Kenya is receiving support from Polish Aid Small Grants Program 2023

This project targets women survivors of human trafficking and vulnerable youth.

The aim of this project is to:

  1. To provide a safe space for survivors of human trafficking and facilitate capacity building for survivors to thrive post rehabilitation

2. To empower survivors of human and trafficking and support their group formation to contribute to advocacy efforts.

Survivors have the need to have a safe space where they can meet and exchange ideas on life, business, advocacy and learn new skills to enhance their lives. This project will therefore provide a safe space for; psychosocial support where survivors will receive group therapy (6-12 people per session with the aid of a therapist) support group(session that is led by survivors),legal aid clinics for rights awareness, info desk for survivors to learn new skills and techniques, apply for jobs and get relevant information concerning human trafficking ,human rights and the advocacy.

Polish coat of arms Polish flag

Links to polish logos:

Polish Aid: https://www.gov.pl/web/polskapomoc/logo-polskiej-pomocy

Polish Coat of Arms Polish Flag: https://www.gov.pl/attachment/8e4648e0-3088-426d-b9d8-8681519581c4