Awareness Against Human trafficking (HAART)

Awareness Against Human Trafficking was founded in 2010 by a passionate group of lawyers, missionaries and humanitarians under the leadership of Radoslaw Malinowski who observed that Kenya had become a hub of human trafficking in East and Central Africa. These people sought to bring awareness to Kenya to end the criminal activities of human traffickers and bring justice to the victims. Since then, HAART has worked to fight human trafficking through a multi-disciplinary approach.

HAART staff and volunteers include professional and passionate people who have degrees in law, psychology and public health, social work, education and international development among others.

Board of Directors

Tonny Odera


Bertha Lawrence


Radoslaw Malinowski

Secretary, ex officio

Fr. John Marren

Board member

Fatuma Ahmed

Board member

Christine Mangwana

Board member

What is Human Trafficking?

  1. The action of trafficking in persons, which means the recruitment, transportation, transfers, harbouring or receipt of persons. This is the initial stage for human trafficking, where the trafficker recruits/gets access to the victim. Recruitment can be done face-to-face, through an institution or online. The most common type of recruitment is by offering a false promise.
  1. The means of trafficking that includes threat of or use of force, deception, coercion, abuse of power or position of vulnerability.
  1. The purpose of trafficking that is always exploitation such as sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs.

Victims are in most cases unaware that they are going to be exploited. Less than 1% of victims are ever rescued.

The 4Ps Paradigm

HAART uses the UN Four P’s Strategy to combat trafficking in persons



HAART is therefore engaged in understanding human trafficking through research. HAART has already been involved in conducting several research projects and are continuing to monitor new research.


HAART works with local grassroots partners and volunteers to identify victims of human trafficking. The victims have usually come back from horrendous exploitation from abroad or internally in Kenya.


We work very closely with authorities to make sure that offenders are brought to book. We help victims get a lawyer. HAART is also working with partners to advocate for better legal protection in the criminal justice system.


HAART has a network of long-term relationships with many local churches, NGOs, government organizations and community groups. Through these, HAART is able to work with prevention.


The most common forms of human trafficking in Kenya are forced labor and sexual exploitation with a large number of the victims being children. By clicking on the “Read More” button you will be referred to detailed information on how to prevent yourself and your children on becoming victims of the most common forms of human trafficking.

Child Trafficking

Child labor prevents children from attending school or caused them to perform in school poorly as a result of the engaging in work or service. Not every work that child is engaged is child labor. According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, a child is defined as every human being below the age of 18 years. A child can never consent to human trafficking. It is irrelevant whether a child gives his/her consent to a trafficking situation.

Sexual Exploitation

Sexual exploitation of victims is one of the most common reasons why people are trafficked as there is huge demand for commercial sex and pornography. Victims of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation are both adults and children.

Forced Labor

Forced labour happens where persons are coerced to work. Sometimes forced labor can also be merged with sexual exploitation, keeping in mind that the victim of forced labour may already be in a very vulnerable position.

Volunteering AT hAART

Our work depends strongly on the time and effort our volunteers contribute. There are several fields we facilitate on volunteers. From supporting the team in the office, over our dance crew Young@Haart as well as the networks we are part of.

Our Brave Survivors

We are grateful to the brave survivors who come out to tell their stories. 


Quotes about HAART

“His Holiness Pope Francis learned with gratitude of the efforts of HAART to combat human trafficking in Kenya and throughout East Africa, and encourages you in your campaign to establish a shelter for victims of this grave crime.”

Pope Francis

“KNCHR is proud to partner with HAART … as we promote human rights in Kenya by ensuring consistency in our contribution as a member of the National Advisory Committee on combating human trafficking.”

Kagwiria Mbogori

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights

“IOM is convinced of HAART’s values in contributing to anti-trafficking initiatives in Kenya. The organization is staffed with experienced and competent anti-trafficking staff, is well networked with anti-trafficking stakeholders, and has provided sound assistance services to trafficked women and girls.”

Michael Pillinger

International Organization for Migration

“You are not alone. HAART is there for you. HAART will listen to you. They will console you and you will live life. Thank you HAART.”

Leah, 29

Survivor of Human Trafficking