We received this following message yesterday and it was so heartfelt and tells you something about the emotions that the families and loved ones of victims of trafficking go through. So we thought we would share the message after getting permission from the author (who will remain anonymous) of course.

HAART did not really do a lot for this young lady since there is not much we can do when a Kenyan is trafficked to a foreign country. We can only forward a case like this to our partners. Luckily this young lady was rescued and came home.

From the message we also learn about why people continue to travel to the Middle East, because they hope that they will earn enough money to build a better life. But many times it ends in exploitation, abuse and tragedy. Luckily, this young woman actually came home to her family.


RE: Thanking You for All the Help and Effort

I would like to personally thank you so very much and also thank you on behalf of her family. For this I wish to tell you that she arrived in Kenya and we could not hide our tears of joy when we saw her at the airport. THANK YOU were the words that we whispering in our mouths.

It was a great challenge to us and even greater if you could not have given your very important help. You gave us your time are all the resources that you had at your disposal to help us within those trying times and above all by giving us hope by assuring us that you will bring her back to us. This is something that we will never forget. A daughter and sister that was lost and she has now been found. That will be as we remember you every time we see her.

We have come to realize that sometimes poverty can make someone very vulnerable to a lot of harm, abuse and a lot of other inhuman challenges that she found herself into. As her family are living in poverty and her completing of school is hanging in a thin string. But all in all life is more important.

Words alone cannot express our gratitude to what we have made you go through when I told you that a young lady is in danger in a foreign country, Jordan. You took the task and looked for her among millions of people who come to Jordan and in your effort you found her and gave her all the necessary assistance. Thank you very much.

I know that we have not meet at any given time, but with the hope that you gave me and the help that you selflessly offered I feel that I owe you a lot and I am her to assist you in anywhere that you might need assistance as everyone needs an helping hand in one way or another. Please do keep in touch for any assistance that you might be. You will always be in our hearts forever THANK YOU.