HAART Kenya supports survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery on their path to
independence through a holistic rehabilitation and reintegration programme. Most of the
survivors of trafficking in our program depend on small businesses for their livelihood. Due to
the effects of COVID-19 in Kenya, survivors’ incomes have reduced considerably. Most of them
are living in informal settlements, have multiple family members depending on them, and have
exhausted their savings. Survivors not only risk being re-trafficked, but they are also facing
hunger and eviction from their homes. Their reintegration process is threatened.

These strong women need your help during this pandemic to make ends meet.

HAART Kenya has been contacted by survivors in urgent need of temporary financial aid. Help
us raise USD 50,000 by 30 July 2020 to support 100 survivors of human trafficking and their
families for the next five months to carry them through the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
This project will provide survivors of human trafficking with basic necessities such as food, rent,
medical care, masks, sanitizer, and clean water during this pandemic period. This will ensure
that survivors and their families have food on their table and can stay safe in their current
homes. This will considerably reduce their risk of contracting COVID-19 and falling prey to
human traffickers. Let them have a future.

After COVID-19, survivors of human trafficking will continue their reintegration process, as
supported by HAART. Your contribution will ensure that survivors’ livelihood is preserved,
contributing to their successful reintegration towards economic independence and self-

Go to haartkenya.org/donate to support the campaign