Photography for Nairobi

HAART together with Saatchi & Saatchi Warsaw, Samsung and a Polish photographer Adam Balcerek decided that the solution is to give them a job, which will provide decent work and earnings.

The job of a photographer.

Most often visited and photographed, Kenya is the real Africa. Why do foreign photographers take the majority of pictures here? After all, the locals know a lot more about Kenyan attractions and have a better access to curiosities.
We invited Samsung to join the project.

Together with Adam Balcerek we have organized photography workshops for young people in Nairobi. The participants have been given Samsung cameras. They have learnt how to use them professionally and how to post-product the photographs. They also have been taught how to make money on selling photographs.

The result of our action are thousands of pictures, four exhibitions in Poland and Kenya and a published photo-album about Kenya.

The project has been recognized by National Geographic and recently won bronze at KTR Advertising Festival 2014.

group photo - pfn