Human Trafficking Scenario #6

Grace’s Story

Grace is a 20-year-old woman from Nairobi who goes for a night out in town with her girlfriends. They go to a bar for drinks before going to a nightclub for dancing. Whilst she is on the dance floor with her friends, Grace is approached by a man who asks to dance with her. Grace accepts. They dance for a few songs and then sit together to talk and have another drink. Grace’s friends want to leave, but Grace likes the man and separates from her friends to stay at the nightclub to spend more time with him.

Early the next morning Grace wakes up in a budget hotel on a highway leading into Nairobi. She is naked and in the bathtub which is filled with ice. “Call a doctor or you will die” has been written on her chest with a marker pen. She also notices stitching to heal a wound down the left side of her abdomen. Her mobile phone has been left on the floor of the bathroom, along with her clothes and other belongings. Grace has no recollection of what happened after her friends left the nightclub or how she ended up in the hotel. In terrible pain, she calls one of her friends and gets help from the motel’s receptionist.

In hospital Grace learns that her kidney was removed during the night. Drugs are found in her system. Police establish that the kidney theft happened in the motel room. Grace is placed on a list to receive a kidney transplant and spends a month in hospital recovering from infection and other physical consequences of having her kidney stolen. She becomes extremely traumatized by all public situations and has to abandon her job and university studies. She never saw the man from the nightclub again.

  1. Was Grace lured into this situation and deceived? – Yes.
  2. Did Grace agree to giving away one of her kidneys and did she receive financial compensation? – No.
  3. Was Grace prevented from talking to family and friends? – Yes.
  4. Was Grace physically, sexually or psychologically abused? – Yes, physically and psychologically.
  5. Was Grace free to leave the man and the scene of the incident, and talk to family and friends? No
  6. Was Grace in possession of valid identification documents? – No, the traffickers had control of her belongings during the incident.
  7. Was Grace left vulnerable to further crime and at risk of being re-trafficked? – Yes.
  8. Has Grace been trafficked? – Yes.