Human Trafficking Scenario #3

Lillian’s story

Lillian is a 10-year-old girl who lives near Ngong town. She helps her sick mother and younger brother at home and cannot go to school. Her father abandoned the family when she was very young. Over time a woman notices Lillian going to and from her family home. The woman approaches Lillian and asks her why she is not in school. Lillian explains her situation. The woman says she works for an organisation that helps young people stay in school and wants to help Lillian, who says she will ask her mother. They next day the woman approaches Lillian in the street who tells her that she and her mother are interested in the offer of assistance. The woman comes to Lillian’s house to meet her mother and arrangements are made for Lillian to be taken to school by the woman, who now introduces herself as Ms. Kamau. Lillian goes with Ms. Kamau thinking she will start school. However, Lillian is not taken to school. She is put in a van in a nearby town and driven for a few hours to an undisclosed location. She gets out of the van, sees tea fields and is told she will pick tea leaves all day. She asks about going to school and is told she can go to school later if she first picks tea leaves for a few months. Lillian doesn’t know where she is, doesn’t know her mother’s mobile number, and is stuck. She knows the woman known as Ms. Kamau knows where her family home is and that her mother is vulnerable. She is extremely upset, is stuck picking tea leaves, now can’t help her mother and younger brother, and is still not going to school. Her situation has become much worse. After a few months she asks again about going to school, but it told that is not happening anymore and to stop asking questions.

Was Lillian lured into this situation and deceived? – Yes.
Did Lillian agree to do what she is being forced to do? – No.
Is Lillian free to leave the work site and talk to family and friends? – No.
Is Lillian physically, sexually or psychologically abused? – Yes, physically and psychologically. She may be at risk of sexual abuse without a trusted guardian present.
Does Lillian have valid identification and is she in possession of such documents? – No.
Is Lillian paid and are there any conditions of employment? – No.
Does Lillian fear that something bad will happen to her, or to a family member, if she leaves the job? – Yes.
Has Lillian been trafficked? – Yes.