Human Trafficking Scenario #2

Peter’s story

Peter is 18 and has just finished high school. He goes out with his friends to a bar in Nairobi to celebrate. They are all excited about working, earning money and moving forward in life. A man comes and sits near Peter. He asks why they are all so excited. Peter explains that they are all ready to enter the workforce. They talk for a while and the man says he has a friend that needs a new worker on his farm. Peter is keen as it a chance to earn money and get some work experience. The man says he will drive Peter to the farm to talk to his friend about working there. Two days later they meet in Nairobi and head north. After they depart, Peter asks questions about what he will be doing and where the farm is. The man says it is normal farm work and his friend has the details. They arrive at the isolated farm, many hours north of Nairobi. The farmhouse is very basic and Peter is told he will work seven days a week during daylight and remain in the house at night. He is told he cannot have a personal phone or call family and friends as he needs to focus on his work. His wallet and ID are taken with the explanation that they are needed to process paperwork relevant to the work. He asks what he will be paid but no answer is given. He complains that the conditions are not fair and says he wants to leave. He is told it is too late to back out and that if he complains again he will be beaten. Also, he is too far from anyone that can help him. Peter works to the point of exhaustion for a month. He is in pain and unable to get up in the mornings, but is made to work in pain. Peter knows he is in an isolated location and is trapped.

1. Was Peter lured into this situation and deceived? – Yes.
2. Did Peter agree to do what he is being forced to do? – No.
3. Is Peter free to leave the work site and talk to family and friends? – No.
4. Is Peter physically, sexually or psychologically abused? – Physically and psychologically.
5. Does Peter have valid identification and is he in possession of such documents? – No.
6. Is Peter paid and are there any conditions of employment? – No.
7. Does Peter fear that something bad will happen to him, or to a family member, if he leaves the job? – Yes.
8. Has Peter been trafficked? – Yes.