Human trafficking Scenarios

On this site HAART presents a series of human trafficking scenarios. These educate our readers on how easily trafficking can occur from everyday situations. At the end of each scenario we apply trafficking screening questions to determine if the subject of the scenario has been trafficked.

  1. In the first scenario you meet Mary, a young woman who is desperate to find work in the big city. She ends up being deceived and sexually exploited. You can read the scenario here.
  2. In the second scenario Peter, who has just finished high school, is told he could get a job at a farm. He is taken to a farm and is forced to work in bad condition. You can read the story of Peter here.
  3. In the third scenario, a young girl named Lillian is fooled into believing she’ll be taken to school. Instead she is made to work in tea fields. Read the scenario here.
  4. In the fourth scenario, a young woman named Mercy is fooled into quitting her job and travelling to Tanzania. Read this scenario here.
  5. In the fifth scenario, David’s dream of becoming a professional football player is exploited and he is taken abroad under false pretenses. Read David’s scenario here.
  6. In the sixth scenario, a young woman named Grace has her kidney stolen. Read this scenario here.
  7. In the seventh scenario, a teenage girl Njeri is fooled into believing that she is going to become  a model which is her dream. Instead, she is taken to a house and sexually exploited. Read Njeri’s scenario here.
  8. In the eight scenario, a young woman named Lydia is trafficked to the Middle East to work as a domestic worker. She is physically and sexually abused and is not paid for her hard work. Read the whole scenario here.

These scenarios are meant for educational purposes and are not real victims’ stories but rather scenarios inspired by the victims’ stories that HAART collects.