June Newsletter

Posted on Jul 4, 2014 | 1 comment

Dear friends,

In June we had many meetings with partners and in our networks and training sessions. HAART had two trainings sessions for our partners and volunteers.

This newsletter features the second part our work with victims of human trafficking. In the spirit of the World Cup we are also highlighting the issue of trafficking young boys using the lure of professional football.

You can read our June Newsletter by clicking here.

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  1. I have a deep desire to work in the area of sex trafficking and am involved at a local level with a coalition in my city in the U.S. I am a clinical psychologist and think I could assist in several ways. I am a former university professor of psychology, I can work in your awareness campaign, help with program work with victims, I can write and I have a passion. Those are my strengths.I have not been to Kenya, but have been in the southern region of Africa and I yearn to return to do humanitarian sex slavery work. I have traveled quite a bit in third world countries and feel I have something to offer.Is there a possible placement for me?

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