July Newsletter 2014

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July newsletter 2014

Dear friends, 

This month we are introducing a new and user-friendly layout for our newsletter. The content is now online rather than in our usual design. However, going forward we will still put a link to the old newsletter layout in a pdf document at the bottom of this page since that is easier to print and share.

July was an exciting and busy month for HAART. A programme was ending and we were initiating another one. To evaluate the project that was ending, we met with each of our eight groups of volunteers in their communities and later brought them together for two meetings. We got great feedback from them about the achievements, challenges and future ideas for the HAART projects.

We also managed to conduct 12 workshops and start an exciting new youth project dubbed Young@HAART. On 26 and 27 July, we had a group of 20 youths between 18 and 25 for training on human trafficking. They were given freedom to express themselves and came up with many new and fresh ideas for fighting trafficking. At the same time, we observed the first World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. The youths were working with our photographer, Rehema, to form hearts to symbolize solidarity with the many victims of trafficking.

HAART’s director, Radek, also conducted a workshop for our partner in South Sudan, SOS International. There has been an alarming level of trafficking in South Sudan because of the conflict. In the next issue of ournewsletter, Radek will write about his experiences in South Sudan.

In July, HAART also attended an initial workshop for juvenile justice stakeholders meeting. Many government agencies also attended and HAART had a chance to present on the important issue of protecting rehabilitated youths from being trafficked. HAART is proud to partner with the different government agencies involved, to provide a safe environment for justice and rehabilitation of the juvenile offenders.

In this issue, you can also read about new research into the underlying causes of human trafficking in Machakos and another human trafficking scenario in our ongoing series.

New Research on human trafficking

HAART's director, Radoslaw Malinowski, has recently taken part in a research project on human trafficking in Machacos Diocese. The underlying causes of trafficking is captured in the research as well as a recommendations for a holistic approach to counter trafficking effectively. Read more about the research here and find the full research document. Read more about the research here and find the full research document ».

Trafficking Scenario #6 – organ removal

Over the next few months HAART will present a series of human trafficking scenarios which we hope will educate our readers about how easily trafficking can occur from everyday situations. At the end of each scenario we will apply trafficking screening questions to determine if the subject of scenario has been trafficked. Read Grace's story here ».


The HAART youths were commemorating the first World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on July 30th. See all the pictures on our facebook page here » 


HAART is an NGO in Kenya committed to ending modern slavery in Kenya hrough prevention, protection, prosecution and partnerships.

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  1. This is wonderful! Actually I have read aleadry the Newsletter of July 2009 as they have sent it to me and I am going to use it especially some very useful information that I can share in a session I am giving to Religious Women Against Trafficking (RWAT) a cluster of religious congregations working against Human Trafficking. Tomorrow we will be conducting a Basic Orientation on Human Trafficking to a group of religious men and women.The updates shared in the Newsletter are very informative! Thanks

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