Matilde Simas HAART Kenya 1632 Photographers Without Borders HAART Kenya Basic Human Rights workshop. Grassroots workshops are done to create awareness about human trafficking to prevent people from being trafficked. HAART Kenya has three types of workshops: 1.Basic human trafficking workshops, safe migration workshops, and child trafficking workshops. On average HAART conducts 20 workshops in a month. Locationi Ngong, Kenya.

Most of the work HAART does is done with or through partnerships at local, national and international level. HAART has a network of long-term relationships with many local churches, NGOs, government organizations and community groups. Through these, HAART is able to work with prevention, protection and prosecution.

When it comes to work on a national level, HAART works in partnerships with other likeminded organizations. Advocacy is much needed in Kenya to ensure the government lives up to its responsibility. Kenya has good policies and laws to counter trafficking, but the implementation by the government agencies and awareness about trafficking among the different levels of government is still very much lacking. In a bid to implement Kenya’s obligations to the UN and the international society, the parliament in 2010 signed to law the Counter-Trafficking in Persons Act, but we have not seen much of the implementation of the program.

HAART works within three networks. Regularly meetings are attended with the Regional Mixed Migration Task Force and Kenya Peace Network. In partnership with these network organizations, HAART is able to work on a larger scale on advocacy, public awareness and research.

HAART is also a member of Christian Organisations Against Trafficking in Human Beings which is an international organization organized by Caritas with members from around the world that share information and best practices to counter human trafficking.