Our volunteers

HAART is a small organization and we depend on volunteers and partners on many levels. We are therefore thankful that we are being supported by many volunteers and local organizations. They help us mobilize and facilitate workshops to raise awareness in their communities.

Grassroots volunteers

HAART has many grassroots volunteers in Nairobi and its environs. They have been trained by HAART in intensive 1 or 2 day workshops that provide them with specialized knowledge on human trafficking. They therefore become resource centers for their communities. Their neighbors, work colleagues, friends and families know to speak to them with any issues related to human trafficking. In most cases our volunteers can provide answers and in some cases they can refer to HAART’s staff.


HAART is working with youths to train and empower them to resist human trafficking. The youth team is trained to go with HAART to schools and youth groups to further spread the message. The volunteers are also involved with our online campaigns on social media and some are involved in our photography project.

Office volunteers

We have a few volunteers and interns who help us with our administration such as record keeping, newsletter and archiving. We are very grateful for their valuable contribution.