Awareness Against Human Trafficking (HAART) is a nongovernmental organization working to end human trafficking in Kenya.

HAART was founded in 2010 by a passionate group of lawyers, missionaries and humanitarians. These people from multiple nationalities sought to bring peace and awareness to Kenya to end the criminal activities of human traffickers. Since then, HAART has worked to prevent human trafficking through a multi-disciplinary approach.


Kenya is a source, transit and destination country for men, women and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. Although human trafficking is rampant in Kenya, there is an alarming lack of awareness and resistance to the tactics of human traffickers. They prey on the desperation of Kenyans, especially young women and children, by offering lucrative jobs and opportunities. HAART engages in activities geared towards the eradication of trafficking in persons in Kenya. Read more about human trafficking here.

HAART Vision

A world free from trafficking in persons


To support the eradication of human trafficking, exposing the crime and empowering its victims

Core Values

  • Victim-oriented: All of our work is based on the inherent dignity, value and potential of any victim of trafficking.
  • Integrity: We are consistent with being honest and transparent in what we do and say, and maintain the high standards we have set for ourselves.
  • Commitment: We work diligently and effectively to achieve HAART’s goals and vision.
  • Cooperation: We collaborate with relevant governmental institutions as well as with likeminded civil society and international organisations.

HAART works on four levels to build capacity and mobilize citizens to overcome trafficking in persons and violence against humanity in Kenya.

  • Prevention of trafficking through awareness
  • Protection of victims of human trafficking
  • Prosecution of trafficking offenders
  • Policy and cooperation with other likeminded organizations